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Here it is the 17th debate for the Republican candidates! I’m sure we will learn so many new things in this one that haven’t been said yet. (Yeah f*#&ing Right!)

Even though that is the case I will still be here updating you on the events of the night with a live blog while watching the event!

I will attempt to be as thorough as possible and will most definitely give each their fair share of coverage.

See you guys tonight!


Welcome everyone to the only blog you’ll ever need for all things politics!


This site will be for everyone who wants to find out whats going on in the political scene.  My goal is present whats going on in all political parties.  I will give some opinions, and I tend to be highly critical of all things politics, but that is only because I have seen how hypocrisy and lying runs rampant throughout not just Washington but in every state government as well.

I’m here to shed light and then cut through the bulls@$t my folks.  I hope you will join me by giving your opinions on all posts and topics of conversation we have daily.